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Add Station to Fleet Radio Network

Get your Internet radio station stream added to the Fleet Radio Network (www.fleetradionetwork.com). All music played on FRN stations is monitored and tracked by Digital Radio Tracker service (www.digitalradiotracker.com).

DJ, Program Director, Show biz
Example: https://www.radiostream.com:8000/;
For AirTime Pro users add your API url (http://[YOUR ID].airtime.pro/api/live-info-v2)
Alphanumeric ID only, not the full URL. Example: for the channel http://player.live365.com/a12345?l input only a12345
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
300x300 (Preferred size)
City and State
For Radio.co users, find the ID in the streaming URL, example: https://streamer.radio.co/[YOUR ID]/listen#.mp3
Example: (http://api.radionomy.com/currentsong.cfm?radiouid=[USER ID HERE]&apikey=[API KEY HERE]&callmeback=yes&type=xml&cover=yes)
XML Url of your SecureSytems XML feed, example https://streamdb6web.securenetsystems.net/player_status_update/MYRADIO.xml
Add Station to Fleet Radio Network - Please select Options
Digital Radio Tracker service included. See www.digitalradiotracker.com for details
Add Station to Fleet Radio Network Roku TV
Get your station added to Fleet Radio Network music channel on Roku TV. On Roku TV search and subscribe to "Fleet Radio Network".
Custom Roku TV music channel
Get your station added to Roku TV Music Channel. On Roku TV your station will have a music channel with your own customized branding that listeners worldwide can subscribe to and listen 24/7.
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